Sustainable Media Center Announces New Spring 2024 Board of Advisors

Steve Rosenbaum
4 min readMay 10, 2024


The Sustainable Media Center (SMC) is pleased to announce the appointment of fourteen distinguished new members to its Board of Advisors for Spring 2024.

New York, NY — The Sustainable Media Center (SMC) is pleased to announce the appointment of fourteen distinguished new members to its Board of Advisors for Spring 2024. These esteemed individuals bring a wealth of experience and expertise that will significantly contribute to the SMC’s mission to create a Social Media ecosystem and promotes the well-being of our teens and our society over outsized profits.

Laura Bergthold, Chair of the Board at People For the American Way and a Board Member at Rock the Vote, has a profound track record in political advocacy and youth engagement, crucial for SMC's civic-oriented projects.

Xander Schultz, Executive Director of The Future US, CEO of Galaxy Labs, and Co-Founder of One for Democracy, offers a rich perspective on technology's role in democracy and social justice.

Evan Burfield, an investor, strategist, and author, is well-known for his role as Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at 1776, Cofounder, Chief Strategy Officer The Future US. His expertise in startup ecosystems and innovation will drive forward SMC's initiatives in new media ventures.

Rochelle Grayson, The founder of Mosaic Accelerator and a seasoned Digital Media Executive and Business Strategist, has distinguished herself through a prolific career steering digital transformations and advocating for technological education. Her strategic vision and deep understanding of digital trends greatly align with SMC's goals of enhancing media literacy and innovation.

Lee Rainie, Director, Imagining the Digital Future Center, Elon University, and Founding Director of Internet and Technology Research at Pew Research Center, brings critical data-driven insights into how Internet and technology impact society.

Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow and author of the "Shareholder Action Guide," brings a wealth of experience in corporate responsibility and shareholder advocacy, aligning closely with SMC's commitment to ethical business practices.

Israel Mirsky, the former ED of Global Technology & Emerging Platforms at OMD Worldwide and today the Founder of Aligned News, offers expertise in innovative media solutions and technology-driven platforms.

Gary Marcus, a renowned scientist, author, and the founder of Geometric Intelligence, joins us as a Professor Emeritus from New York University. His extensive background in AI and cognitive science will provide valuable insights into ethical technology development.

Sam Perry, President of Ascendance Ventures, brings his experience in venture capital to support SMC's efforts in funding sustainable media technologies.

Lara Galinsky, Head of Partnerships at Project Liberty, is known for her role in fostering collaborations that drive social change through innovative use of technology.

Matt Prohaska, CEO of Prohaska Consulting, provides extensive knowledge in digital media consulting, which will be instrumental in shaping the future strategies of the SMC.

Tony Bacigalupo, Founder of New Work Cities and Belongfulness, adds a unique perspective on community-building and collaborative spaces in the digital age.

Kristine Gloria, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at Young Futures, rounds out the new members with her expertise in strategic alliances and technology innovation.

Missy Godfrey, an experienced executive and investor in the media, consumer and technology sectors. She’s currently an advisor to innovators in AI, data science and cybersecurity. Her role at TriArtisan Capital facilitated mergers, acquisitions, and private equity investments. With a dedication to entrepreneurship and community service at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, she's recognized as a versatile leader. Her expertise in business strategy, marketing and social entrepreneurship will advance SMC's sustainable media practices.

Colin Helms, fmr Senior Vice President at MTV and fmr Head of Media at TED, brings extensive expertise in engaging young audiences through compelling content. His leadership in developing influential media platforms supports SMC's mission to foster positive changes in media consumption and production.

Steven Rosenbaum, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Center said, "We are pleased to welcome such a dynamic group of leaders to our Board of Advisors. Their diverse expertise and shared commitment to advancing sustainable practices across media and technology will greatly enhance our ability to impact our community and beyond."

The Sustainable Media Center is a 501c3 organization dedicated to addressing the impact of Social Media on GenZ, including the amplification of hate, misinformation,bullying, and sexual exploitation. It aims to empower young media consumers and creators with the tools to demand and enact change in the media landscape, supported by intergenerational resources and data-driven strategies.

The new members will officially begin their roles in May 2024 and will participate in the upcoming advisory board meeting to discuss programs, initiatives, and strategies for the upcoming year.