Is The Current State Of Media Sustainable?

“Yes, media can make a difference,” said writer and comedian Baratunde Thurston. “It can make the world better, can make the world worse. That’s how we understand the world. It’s media. It’s in between us and the world. So it’s the story that we hear and tell.”

He continued: “What has been frustrating me greatly, especially with the latest flare-ups in the country, is that we seem to just have a very lopsided storytelling environment, with a narrative of fear and loss and scapegoating targeted at white people… And that’s going to eat the whole damn world. It’s going to kill everybody with guns. It’s going to take women’s agency… [and] literally burn the planet down because a lot of white people have been terrified, and there’s profit in the terror. There’s algorithmic profit from these networks that don’t care about the content, just about the likes and the popularity. And the same kind of analog algorithm affects our campaign financing.”

Said Garfield, first, “the digital age destroyed the advertising model. It destroyed mass… It caused the main wares of the media industry to lose 90% of their value practically overnight. So that was one problem. And the second problem was, we’re still tens of billions of dollars in the industry, 90% of which is owned now by two companies.” To solve this, said Garfield: “in my view, you have to follow the money.”



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