All the 1-Star Revies for Sir Grout — Compiled.

Lenis P.

Queens, NY


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Unfortunately, I can not actually comment on the services. I scheduled 3 appointments, and all 3 were no shows, with no prior notification.

After setting up an initial appointment over the phone, I received…

The Infomercial Comes to Saratoga Springs

By JIM REILLY Features Writer — The Saratogian — January 6th, 1984

One day last summer Steve Rosenbaum was watching a television crew film a segment on Broadway in Saratoga Springs. He noticed a lot of local people crowding around, wandering in front of…

You may be wondering, why is the internet so bad at getting you information you want and need?

Funny story. Months ago I went shopping for a dishwasher. I bought one. Today, about half of my web browsing is populated with ads for appliances. A digital dishwasher-stalker. …

We’re facing a staggering increase in the number of digital impressions that overwhelm our screens. Yet, even as the volume has increased, the depth and variety of information has narrowed. The problem is growing, and it can be traced back to three critical trends:

Breaking news. Every day, some piece…

There’s nothing unusual about Donald Trump taking credit for things he didn’t do and blaming others for his mistakes. That’s pretty much every day in the Trump White House.

But on Nov. 20, everyone in the tech industry was caught off guard.

Standing on the factory floor in Austin, Texas…

Steve Rosenbaum

Managing Director: NYC Media Lab |Author |Curator }Technologist.

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