The Infomercial Comes to Saratoga Springs

By JIM REILLY Features Writer — The Saratogian — January 6th, 1984

One day last summer Steve Rosenbaum was watching a television crew film a segment on Broadway in Saratoga Springs. He noticed a lot of local people crowding around, wandering in front of the camera, hoping to get themselves on television. Two things occurred to him. One is that there is a lot more going on in Saratoga Springs, and probably any other community than you see on television. The other is that people like to see themselves, their friends and their neighbors on the tube. It seemed to him and friend Dave Henahan that if you could get more of a community on television, people would watch it. And somebody would probably be willing to pay for it. The seed was sown for “OurTown Television,” a locally produced cable television show that premieres with a 15-minute segment Jan. 16. It airs at noon and 5:45 p.m. on Jones Intercable’s channel 10. There will be a new show each day, five days a week. “We see it as an opportunity to bring events and people and places within the community onto community video,” Rosenbaum said last week over lunch. “It’s also a chance to bring local sponsors into contact with people in the community.” …


Steve Rosenbaum

Managing Director: NYC Media Lab |Author |Curator }Technologist.

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